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Kakimotor Sdn Bhd is a relatively young company that has come a long way from its humble beginnings. Since its inception in 1999, the firm has quickly established a firm footing in the automotive industry. With headquarters in Bandar Sunway PJS9, Kakimotor has four outlets which are located in Bandar Sunway PJS11, Cheras, Shah Alam and Klang. We are carrying a wide array of car accessories and performance parts to satisfy every level of car enthusiasts.

Kakimotor has been granted distributorship for products from the well-known brands such as BMC, MOMO, M-TEK and PRO-RS. To penetrate both the local and foreign markets, we have created our own brand, namely ZerOne. With a good reputation and numerous years of experience in automotive industry, we are able to produce a series of quality performance parts under the brand, ZerOne.

Striving to stay competitive in the e-commerce arena, Kakimotor has set up its own website ( and several online stores to reach a wider market. From Asia to Europe, we have customers all around the world. We are constantly updating our website and online stores with the latest product range and pricing. We aim to make the online shopping experience as simple as possible.

Our vision is to become an iconic brand and the preferred global leader in automotive industry. To achieve this, we are always providing our customers with the quality products and best services. Our goal is to exceed the expectations of every customer and ensure they receive the most effective and professional service. We are committed to the relentless pursuit of quality, service and integrity in everything we do.

Our philosophy of car modification: reasonable modification - nurturing the interest towards car; safe modification - cherish life, safety first; enjoy modification - creating one’s personality and to provide a correct guide on car modification for car enthusiasts.


Year Milestone
Dec, 1999 Started as a small kiosk in Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall
Nov, 2000 Established of headquarters which registered under Southern Racing Sport
Dec, 2003 Name changed from Southern Racing Sport to Kakimotor Sdn. Bhd.
Jun, 2005 Established of Mid Valley Megamall branch
Dec, 2006 Established of Bandar Sunway PJS 11 branch
Jun, 2007 Preparing for Franchising business and structural management system
Dec, 2007 Expansion of Bandar Sunway PJS 11 branch
July, 2007 Towards Franchising business operation
Sep, 2008 Enhancement in management team and quality of staffs.
Oct, 2008 Introduced Kakimotor Membership Program (KAKIKAD)
Nov, 2008 Towards leading brand in car modification
Feb, 2009 Organized Kakimotor Members’ Day 2009
Apr, 2009 Established of Shah Alam branch
Jun, 2009 Granted sole distributorship for KYB RS Pro performance suspension from UMW KYB
July, 2009 Established of Cheras branch
Mar, 2010 Organized Kakikad Day
June, 2010 Shortlisted Nominee for 2010 MRCA 8TV Entrepreneur Awards
Oct, 2010 Expansion of Shah Alam branch
Dec, 2010 Organized Kakimotor Members’ Day 2011
Jan, 2011 Awarded MRCA 8TV Entrepreneur Awards


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