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PROJECT U B-Spec B.Pad (F)- Nissan

PROJECT U B-Spec B.Pad (F)- Nissan

PROJECT U B-Spec Brake Pad (F) - Nissan

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RM 580.00 tax incl.

RM 580.00 per piece


The Project Mu B-Spec Sports Pad is designed to improve the overall braking power of any performance street vehicle.

B-Spec has been developed for street and light track use where initial stopping power and resistance to fade is of prime importance. B-Spec has excellent wear and dust characteristics and are kind to the rotor even in track day environments.



B-Spec Brake Features

1. Fade Resistance

   When brake pads operate at high temperatures, high pressure gases can be created in the pad and can cause a 'gas layer' between the pad and rotor. This can make the driver feel like the brakes have lost performance as the brake pedal feels the same, but the car won't slow down as normal. This phenomenon is known as 'fade'. A slot is manufactured in all Project-Mu pads to offer the gases an escape route.

   ※ Rotor slots also assist to provide the same solution.

2. Noise Suppression

   Brake pads manufactured without a chamfer on the leading edge of the friction material, are more likely to produce unpleasant noise. This noise known as brake squeal is actually a high frequency vibration created by the friction between pad and rotor. The vibration can manifest in caliper, rotor or suspension vibration. This 'problem' is reduced or eliminated by the chamfer on the pad material.

   ※ Brake squeal is more likely to occur in some models, and not others. It can also depend on the condition of the car.

3. Heat Treatment

   Project-Mu brake pads are subjected to heat treatment as part of the manufacturing process. This process 'burns out' unwanted materials in advance, reducing the gases that can cause fade. As a result, Project-Mu brake pads only need light 'bedding in' to match the pad to your rotor surface.



4. Brake Pad Structural Stability

   Brake pads are subjected to huge pressure from caliper pistons in unequal proportions across the pad. Brake pads must remain flat to offer optimal performance so Project-Mu use only the highest grade quality steel at the correct thickness to ensure this stability. Project-Mu pads are up to 20% stronger than some competitors.


Application Guide

YEAR MODEL Part No.  Part No. 
88.5 - 91.1 S13 F212 R230
91.1 - 93.1 PS13 F212 R230
91.1 - 93.1 PS13 (NA with Hicas)  F238 R230
91.1 - 93.1 PS13 Turbo F238 R230