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PIVOT Raizin Spark - Type S (VS-S)

PIVOT Raizin Spark - Type S (VS-S)

PIVOT Raizin Spark - Type S (VS-S)

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RM 280.00 tax incl.

RM 280.00 per piece


PIVOT Raizin Spark - Type S (VS-S)

Until now, due to various types of load resistance and interference at the contact terminals, fuses, contact points and cords in the electric circuitry on the way to the ignition coil, major loss occurred and optimum combustion did not take place. To help solve this, the Raizin Spark utilizes a new approach in voltage stabilizer devices for ignition coils that brings out 100% of your ignition's performance by providing point blank power to the ignition coil via connection to the specially designed circuitry. This in turn gives you dramatic improvement in engine performance from optimum ignition to ideal combustion.