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LIQUI MOLY Iron Terminator/Wheel Rim Cleaner (1L)
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Brand Liqui Moly
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With dirt indicator.
For gentle and intensive cleaning of alloy and steel rims. Prevents stubborn re-soiling. Regular rim care gives your rims luster and ensures a long service life. The rims will look like new. Effortlessly cleans and removes brake dust and other dirt. Rim Cleaner is highly biodegradable. Acid-free.

1 L, PU 6, part no. 1597

Shake Special Rim Cleaner vigorously before use then spray evenly onto the contaminated rim. Note: A different spray effect (large area or spot) depending on whether the trigger is pressed quickly or slowly. Allow to act for 5 to 7 minutes depending on the degree of contamination, but do not allow to dry. For removing very stubborn deposits, use a sponge or brush to assist with cleaning. The cleaning process can be checked visually by watching for a change of color; the optimum effect has been achieved when the cleaner on the wheel rim changes color (to purple). Then rinse off the loosened deposits and the cleaner residue with a powerful water jet.

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