Carspeed Pro Power Ignition Coils - Honda Civic FC/FK (TURBO ENGINE ONLY)
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Carspeed Pro Power Coil

That will normally increase your overall top speed performance by 10 – 15% and better fuel mileage (15% -20% fuel saving)

  • Improves your car acceleration
  • Higher torque
  • Smooth power delivery
  • Better FC
  • Same effect as OKADA Plasma Direct Coil



Carspeed Pro Power Coil. Ultimate mod to increase engine torque and improve FC. The Carspeed is a original style replacement high power ignition system. The high voltage of this capacitor will then give you a bigger spark. You can gain more power (10% of power up) and better fuel mileage (15% to 20% fuel saving). Guarantee more feel than ECU tuning.



Improved idle

Longer coil life

Improved FC by 10%

Improved throttle response

More responsive during start up

Cleaner plugs with better emissions

Increased high rpm performance

Increased spark energy and voltage

Reduces the chance of engine misfire

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