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Works Engineering Twin Ball Bearing Air Charger (Universal)
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Brand Works Engineering
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WORKS ENGINEERING Twin Ball Bearing Air Charger for N/A and Turbo [W-T-AIRCHARGER] A simple yet effective device. Utilizing the latest ball bearing technology. Works Engineering air charger device increases charge air into your combustion chamber, allowing better air/ fuel mixture hence better combustion. Dyno tested and proven to increase bhp. Fits all cars but most effective on forced-induction and auto transmission cars. Using Twin Ball Bearing Technology Can be use for Both N/A and Turbo Engine Increase engine power Save fuel Smooth driving Most Hi-tech, quality product To all kind of petrol vehicles with Distributor Vacuum Pump Easy to fix (no modification on original engine) Cheaper price Compatible to all car Universal fitting Maximizes energy Improves spark plug life. Improves torque Environment friendly Smother running engine, by promoting a more complete combusion. The Combustion of the air and fuel mixture is more complete compare with the air charger No need any supported accessories (can function well independently). Won’t make any noise to your engine. Won’t cause any side effect to your engine. Small size component (compatible with all kind of engine). Light, not buiky & easy for handing.

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